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Angela M.

I had a wonderful experience at this office. The environment is very relaxing compared to other dentist offices I have been to in the past. The hygienist, Quentin, was great. He answered all my questions and did a great job cleaning my teeth. When I met with the dentist he was very kind and honest. I needed to have a filling or possible crown and he explained everything to me with options. When it came to getting the insurance stuff squared away the office manager was fabulous! I had a great experience. I was hesitant to come here based on all the bad reviews but my experience couldn't have been better. I recommend you give them a try.


Wendy B.

Worst experience I have ever had.  A total nightmare! It's definitely not a "dental spa" in any sense of the word. Your time is of no value to the dentist at this establishment nor is your comfort or care.  I hope this review saves others from being treated like I was.


Jon H.

One star..... only because I have to give one star to write a review... The wife just took the kids to have there yearly check up.... well not only where they behind 40 mins they rushed through my children's exams and cleaninings. The nurse was vary short with my kids and vary vary rude to my wife. WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO HAVE ANY THING DONE!!!!!!


Tennis G.

AVOID AVOID AVOID. If I could leave negative stars I would... Stay away from this place. My 11 year old daughter went here for a pre-braces cleaning. She had a cleaning 3 months prior. We scheduled it with this place because they could get her in on short notice. We explained by phone we were interested in a cleaning because her braces were to be put on the following week. While filling out all the paperwork an assistant called her back without my wife knowing and immediately set her up to have X-ray taken (never let assistants take X-rays before the dentists looks at your teeth. There should be a reason for taking them not just cause it's "that time of year"). My wife went in the back and told them we were only there for a cleaning. When my daughter came out from her cleaning the assistant came out saying there were no cavities but they couldn't know more unless we had X-rays done. At our other dentist "the dentist" talks to you and tells you what they did, saw or didn't see. My daughter got in the car telling us the assistant that cleaned her teeth was very rough and when she told her she was hurting her the assistant replied "you should brush your teeth better". Shortly thereafter, during the cleaning, she felt and heard a small pop. While feeling her teeth with her tongue in the car she felt a sharp edge on one of her front teeth. HER TOOTH WAS CHIPPED. At this point we were 2 miles down the road. Wife called to say we were on our way back and wanted to speak to the dentist when we got there. Once in the exam room the dentist came in and we explained our situation. His immediate reply was that he had seen the chip. Why they never mentioned this post cleaning and exam is odd??? He then went on to say her teeth had groves. I told him "feel the tooth, it is sharp". He went on alluding that the chip was there before we had got there. WELL since this was the first day of school I had taken a picture of her prior to walking in to class which I presented to the dentist on my iPhone and you could clearly see there was no chip. At that point he finally examined, felt the tooth and acknowledged there was a chip. Under his dentists light it was very clear to see.They offered to smooth it out, which we decline. So the question posed was "what can we do to make you happy?" My wife explained that the whole ordeal was very discouraging. I then explained the least they should do is refund us for the cleaning as I wasn't interested in paying them for chipping her tooth. They agreed to that, which didn't happened till the following day because their register had been closed out for the day, and told us there would be an all staff meeting concerning the issues.  The next day when my wife went back for the refund she was asked to be seated. She sat for about 30 minutes at which time she went agin to the front desk where she was asked to come to a back room and was the interrogated by an office worker about proving through past dental X-rays that the tooth wasn't chipped prior. They also refused to tell us the dental assistants name at which time my wife pointed out that her "diploma/credentials" are supposed to be posted along with everyone else that works there that perform procedures on patients. Bottom line, save your time and money and find a more experienced and established outfit. These guys are just pumping out patience with little to no customer service. Perhaps if they dental assistant wasn't in such a hurry I wouldn't be writing this.


April J.

I was very displeased by the way I was treated at this clinic. I knew going in that I needed work done on my teeth. This clinic treated me like I was 7 years old. They took pictures of my teeth, put the tv right in my face and posted a picture of my teeth and left the room for about 10 minutes. If that's not downgrading enough, I was taken to the front office and told I needed 2 crowns and 1 filling with a deep cleaning that would cost total of 00. They were extremely short with me. I went to another dentist in town and was told that I need one crown not 2, 3 cavities not 1, and a filling replaced, not a crown, with a medium clean, not a deep clean. Total 00. If you want to be berated and over charged, this is the place for you. Also my granddaughter came here and had pediatric overlays done a year ago to prevent cavities. She now has cavities in the teeth this clinic worked on. Very let down by this place.


Love M.

This will be the first of many negative reviews that I plan to write.  I, along with my new dentist have requested my dental records on four (4!!) separate occasions (starting Aug 2016).  I do not understand what the problem is.  I have personally filled out the release form in the Dental Spa office. Two weeks later, I filled out another records release and watched the new office fax the form, not once, but twice. They have acknowledge receipt of said faxes, but still did NOT send the records.  I just called yesterday (7 March 17) and spoke with someone who assured me that she would email them to me after our conversation.  I waited until today to check and to my surprise (not), I still do not have the records.  I could understand if I had an unpaid balance, but that is not the case. I am beyond disgusted with this office and its staff.  I should not have to pay out of pocket for new x-rays. My plan was to only post this review on their Facebook page, but they are filtering and did not allow it to be published.  Please, do not only believe the positive reviews,  as it looks like the negative ones are being deleted.  Overall, the phone lines are always down, the dentists and staff are incompetent and they consistently lie. I left after they replaced the filling on the wrong tooth, it worked out because that one had a huge cavity which they didn't catch despite the fact that I came every four months for cleanings (allowed during pregnancy).  The dentist that replaced it (without looking at the notes stating the reason for my follow-up appointment with him) stated that the cavity should have been diagnosed much earlier.  Once the numbing medication wore off I realized that the wrong filling was replaced, since I was still experiencing the exact same symptoms that resulted in my initial visit.  The dentist that replaced the wrong filling promised to refund the first one and fix the correct one (the only thing holding the filling in my mouth by this time was me biting down on it). The owner of the practice, while not apologizing, promised to refund me and the insurance company and  then called the staff members responsible for issuing such, into the examination room. I've had nothing but problems with both fillings that were replaced.  I went back on three separate occasions for them to fix the problem.  After realizing that they were unable, I switched offices.  After trying to fix the filings on two seperate visits, the new dentist concluded that the filings would need to be replaced. However, since the insurance company was never refunded, I would need to pay out of pocket. I spoke with three different people in the Dental Spa's office, who promised to both call me back make sure the refund to both me and the insurance company was processed  It's a year later and I can't get a refund, records, or a call back.  I am beyond disgusted with this office and would recommend that you go elsewhere.  It is not spa-like.  Wait times are long, the waiting room is tiny, the furniture is falling apart and the big-screen tv is set to repetitively play the same dental ad.  You get annoyed pretty quickly sitting in a chair with a sinking cushion with the same ad playing over and over, damn near in your face.


Gina A.

I do not recommend this dentist and had the worst experience with my 5yr old. There's noting "spa" about this location.


Brandi W.

I love this office! The office staff are so nice! They even watched my 2 year old while my husband and I seen the doctor. Dr. Henderson so compassionate and shows this isn't just a job for him, he truly cares for his patients.


Gamer J.

My son came for a dental procedure, they took their time, very patient, and took good care of my son. I am very pleased and satisfied with my service, and I recommend everyone to go here for needed medical procedures.


Stephanie H.

Friendly Staff, HOWEVER...Incompetent providers and billing department1.) Female dentist missed a dental abscess. I made an appt. for what I believed to be an abscess, X-rays were taken the female dentist stated she believed my oldest child needed a mouth guard for grinding. Later that evening I went to the ER, where I work, because my child was in significant pain. Received antibiotics, returned to the dental office the next day and a different provider reviewed the initial X-rays and pointed out the abscess that was missed initially.2.) my second child had a filling that needed replaced after 6 months3.) youngest child's sealant didn't stay on after 6 monthsFINALLY, (what prompted my poor rating) the billing department is completely incompetent. With dual dental coverage,  the office agrees that they made multiple errors in the billing of both primary and secondary insurance companies. At one point they threatened to send me to collections. They refused to sit down with me so I could show them the statements from insurance. Claiming they were understaffed, After 3 months they agreed, in fact, they did owe me a sum of 500-800 dollars over a period of 2 years. I have been patiently waiting (8 months) for them to refund me. I have made multiple attempts to resolve this issue with them directly, Jordan, in billing, won't return my calls or my emails. At this point they continue to make my concerns not a priority. I had to file a claim with the BBB.


Sandy H.

Other then freezing cold and putting my 13yr old in the kiddie room, dentist is friendly and seems knowledgeable  so far.  She doesn't appreciate the jungle room haha

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