Cheap makeup review, Carlo di roma

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion on the cheap makeup of the brand Carlo di Rome . As many of you already know, it's a low cost Spanish brand that we can find in many Spanish and Chinese bazaars.
The products that have sent me from Carlo di Roma to give you my opinion are all these:
- Powders compact.
- Quartet of shadows.
- Eye pencil.
- Black eyeliner.
- Fluid makeup foundation .
- Red lipstick.
- Red nail polish.

Review cheap makeup products Carlo di Roma:

- Shadow Quartet : they pigment quite well and For my taste are very wearable colors, this is the Sound Garden number 3. I to the tones that I use most I will give is the claritos. It is clear that they are not the best shadows in the world, but for the price they usually have 1 euro approximately because they are pretty good. I usually use it every day, or when I'm going to leave for a short time I do not need a more fixed makeup.
- Compact powders : yupi! Makeup is what I use most along with the mascara and these adapt beautifully to my white skin, giving me a touch of color. They are number 2.

- Carlo di Roma Foundation , even though the photo looks dark it adapts It's pretty clear. This particular base I do not like very much is a mixture between very clear and transparent so it does not cover the imperfections.

I use it for newspaper days because afterwards I apply some compact powders and I can take advantage of it, but honestly from the cheap Carlo di Roma makeup this is what deserves the least Sorry, I would not spend the money on this base.