Chenoa, avon and you

Good morning Beauty !!
I do not know if you know that the singer Chenoa is the new ambassador of the cosmetics firm known as Avon . Their products are known to everyone and their ambassador could not be less.
Chenoa is a modern, natural, independent and committed woman leader with beauty. The other day I went to YouTube to see the videos of some of our colleagues, (you know that many besides being a blogger are also on YouTube) and looking for videos that I would like other than yours I stumbled upon the video called Chenoa, AVON Y TU
And to my surprise I found that on Friday the 10th, AVON and Chenoa launched a contest on social networks looking for the best fans of the singer and awarding them with a fabulous AVON award. But what looked like an AVON beauty session was more an "encounter" full of surprises. What is Chenoa plotting? What secret essu?
Can you imagine that there was a version of Chenoa that we did not know? In AVON, they have discovered their dark side so if you are fans of the brand Avon or chenoa or both I recommend you watch this video to discover their secrets and have a fun time.

What do you think of the collaboration of Chenoa with avon ?