Fatigue and its symptoms

Hello girls!
Fatigue or exhaustion is a very common symptom in some people. This is usually temporary and can be attributed to intense workdays, lack of sleep ... which limits us when doing any work/activity, besides limiting us emotionally and socially.

What types of fatigue are there?

Although we often think that the only thing that happens to us is that we are very lazy, it may not be so, it is true that there are many people who are vague by nature, or because they have accustomed to doing nothing throughout his life, but there are other cases in which it is not like that. To see if you are in one of these two groups.
Mental and emotional fatigue: we can detect it due to lack of memory , drowsiness, headache, eye pain, dizziness, depression, discouragement, constipation, loss of appetite ...
Physical tiredness: lack of energy, muscle aches, sexual inaccessibility, paleness, lack of appetite ...

What can we do? Do you have to fight fatigue?

- Eat carbohydrates like pasta, legumes, rice ...
- Add dairy to your meals as it is elyogurt.
- Sleep 8 hours a day.
- Exercise, go for a run, walk, do a little zumba, definitely do something for life.
¡If you have a serious problem of tiredness to your doctor !!

Did you know the symptoms of fatigue? ?