How to eliminate varicose veins

Hello girls!
Today I bring you some beauty tricks to eliminate varicose veins , but before we go to know them.

What are varicose veins and why do they come out?

Varicose veins are dilated veins that become inflamed and seelevel to the surface of the skin. Besides being unsightly they can cause problems and are painful.

Why do the varices?

They can be for various reasons:
- By inheritance, if there family members who hurt you have to walk with an eye.
- Due to the inability of a system venosode the lower extremities in managing the variations of the blood flow is to say the veins dilate because they store more blood than its capacity.
- Because of an anomaly in the wall of lasvenas.

Tricks to eliminate varicose veins:

- To eliminate the varicose veins in our routine we will include the aloevera we take directly from the pot if you do not have anybody asks you to give a leaf the sowings already a few months you will have a very large one. What we will do is apply it directly to the area of ​​the varicose veins.
- Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, although it can be a so much better time, sport is always good.
- Make massages with creams that contain vera, or much better, take the gel directly from the leaf of the pot and make us massage, this will be one of the best beauty tricks to eliminate varicose veins .
- We can also do the apple convinagre massage.
- Raise and keep your legs up 10 minutes a day, to decongest the veins.
- Try not to sit for a long time, every half hour Hey take a few steps.
- Give us baths on the legs first of cold water, then hot water ... and so a good while.
- Do not wear tight clothes or get worse, you can see the post in which we talk about it Beware! With the clothes tight.
- Do not cross your legs, when crossing them what we do is prevent the blood from circulating normally.
- Avoid excessive heat, and do not spend a lot of time sunbathing.
- Eat a balanced diet and reduce salt intake.
- When you go to sleep put a cushion under your legs, or a book under the legs of your bed, to do a little tilt.
- Use specific cosmetics for varicose veins I recommend For varicose veins, Menaven 1000 .

- Finally, follow these>>> Homemade beauty tricks to eliminate varicose veins and relieve pain.

And you suffer from varicose veins ? Did you know these beauty tips to remove varicose veins ?