How to have a perfect smile

Hello girls!
Today I bring you some beauty tricks to have a perfect smile . They are all very easy to comply with, so we can all have a beautiful smile.


- The most important thing to have a perfect smile is to brush the teeth after each meal, to eliminate remaining food.
- Control the consumption of sugar, you can replace it with other products like stevia.
- Do not smoke, smokers are more expensive to lose your teeth, and even if you do not lose them, if they are going to stay yellow and ugly.
- Change the toothbrush every 3 months , and if it can be a much better electric brush.
- Increase calcium intake, you can drink more cola cao, or take yoghurts and cheese.
- Use a toothpaste suitable for teeth whitening, my deliplus are the ones that better me.
- Visit the dentist twice a year to prevent cavities.
- Eat apples, help eliminate stains from teeth.
- Do not drink dark beverages like coffee, wine ... why they stain them and then it is very difficult to be white. If you drink this kind of little drinks, it's useful to do the tricks to have a perfect smile , because these drinks dye your teeth.

- You should not only clean your teeth, but also your tongue. We should brush it doing massages in circles.

- Try not to drink very cold drinks and sugary foods.

- As a complement to toothpaste you can use a colurium, if it can be Mint much better because we also have a fresh mouth.

- You can also rinse your mouth with coconut oil as we saw in>>> Oil pulling my opinion.

Do you follow these beauty tips to have a perfect smile ?