Mary kay Raffle won

Hello girls!
Today I am going to show you the gifts of female cosmetics that I won in the draw of Sonia from the blog Sonia is a consultant and team leader so if you want anything from Mary Kay or any doubt you can contact her that is a love
And this piece of regalazo win everything from mary kay , consisting of cosmetics and makeup .
- Brush to give depth and intensity to the look, it has been great for me to start making my look a little more curran, because if I showed you the brushes that I had until now of the Chinese, I would give you a heart attack.
- Brush to define the eyes and apply the shadows in a correct and perfectly ifuminada.
- Smoked eye brush Smudger with short and dense hair to perfectly blend the eyeliner and the eye shadows in the line of the eyelashes achieving a perfect smoky.
The 3 brushes are going to come great, now I just need to catch the point to start using them well.
- 3-in-1 TimeWise Cleaner: cleans, exfoliates and tones in one step. Eliminates impurities while initiating the process of erasing the visible signs of aging, getting a younger-looking skin.

I take this opportunity to tell you that I had read very good opinions of him, and I also say now that I am delighted, but I I'll make an entry to it alone.

- Mini compact case special edition 50th anniversary mary kay: magnetized to protect the contained products, limited edition, with mirror inside.

love that it is special edition, I see it very nice and it is ideal to carry it in your bag.

- Long-lasting mineral eye shadows . Smooth and uniform application. They absorb excess fat and their coverage is excellent on any type of skin.I have tried them and both their pigmentation and the duration have seemed very good.

- Lip gloss marykayatplay ultra-bright and long-lasting. Lately I am also fond of the lip gloss, it leaves a little bit of pretty color on the lips.

- Pink Stardust illuminating powders: contain vitamins A, C and E and are perfect for bringing light to the face (under the eyes, on the sides of the nose , on the smile lines, under the lower lip ...). Imantados.

These powders seem very nice but I have not tried them yet, I'll tell you -

- Eye pencil marykayatplay creamy and easy to apply. When I forgot to take a picture you already know of my misunderstanding SORRY, I borrow the photo from Sonia (it's the white one).

It's like a cream shadow that I liked to use, because it's very easy to apply .

And finally Creamy lipstick: formula light, easy to blur.Kisses