Diy box

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a diy that I did a few days ago, I had a picture in my room of the Year the pear as you see is Dani Pedrosa is not that I do not like it but that in my room I did not hit or with tail, so I decided to modernize it a little.
Think that sure that you have some old or shabby picture that you want to modernize and make a diy of a very easy picture.
picture dani pedrosa
We only need a cardboard and stickers . I took a cardboard and I cut it with the measurements of the painting. And in the Chinese buy some cool stickers come a lot and are worth 3 euros.

I have just pasted the sticker, we fit it in the frame and that's it!

wall vinyl
 diy picture

And the remaining stickers are used to decorate the room.

sticker for the wall
 vinyl wall

What do you think of this box diy ?