Ebay, buyincoins and romwe purchases

Hello girls!
Today I show you my latest buy low cost online buyincoins, ebay and romwe . As you know I love shopping on this website, because it has very cheap things.

Low cost shopping at buyincoins:

- I have been buying two fakes of the naked for quite some time now in buyincoins , I quite like this pallet, despite being a replica pigment quite well all colors except the two more claritos that are barely seen. Its price is 4.55.
Also if you put discount code " Xenajfh " you receive a 5% discount for buyincoins that is not bad. div>

Buying low cost on ebay:

Kiss shirt for 5.25 $ I also recommend it is a little onion cloth but it is quite good, if you see on its label it puts 69 euros, somewhere they are cheated in that way. But on ebay we can get it for that price, and honestly this is pretty good.

kiss shirt

Low cost shopping in Romwe:

In romwe I took an offer of stickers 10 packs 8 $. But the truth is that I do not recommend them because they all go great and I have to cut them all around and they also strike fatally.

So that you understand why I do not like you can read Why not me Do you like nail stickers?

romwe nail stickers

- This It is the only purchase I have not made online, a local store booties. They seem very nice to me, and I can also put them on anything.

red booties
- Jelly beans machine 2.69 I do not recommend it for that the same tennis in Belros full of jelly beans and cheaper, I leave the seller in case someone does not have Belros nearby.
machine jelly beans

- Boots for girls to be at home, from buyincois are not bad, their price is 5. $ 35 and they are very warm.Do you buy in ebay, buyincoins or romwe ? Kisses