Interview with Enca de Mirinconchiquinino

Good morning girls!
Today in this beauty blog we started the interviews, and the first one was Enca de Mirinconchiquinino is a Extremaduran blogger who writes about very different topics, tricks and home remedies, product reviews ... I invite you to visit his blog.
You already know that if you want to meet you, you have to send me an email to [email protected] and remember to write me your blog.
blogger extremeña
Why did you decide to make a blog?
When I stopped smoking I returned to the subject of makeup and personal care as a hobby, I started to read a blog and watch videos, when I had done it for a while I decided that I could also write mine and that's how my little corner started.
Is this the first blog you created?
No, I started one before Mi chiquinino, enel wrote a story, I closed it but who knows if I will take it back ...
What is the best thing that has happened to you since you have it? ?
I think I know some wonderful people, some know them in person and some hope to meet them someday.
In other Autonomous Communities the bloggers attend events, parades ... Do you think that in Extremadura is valued to be blogger?
I think we still need a lot to be at the level of cities like Seville but little by little it will be recognized.
In tublog you collaborate with brands, have you had any problems with any?
I have to say that the ones I've collaborated with have been very good, I never had problems.
Who are the 3 blogs that you read the most?
One of the most read and follow a long time is the "Rock and Wild", I love their look and their oufit, also Marta is a heaven.
Another that I do not I do not miss an entry is "Arroin80", do not miss your reflections, you also have an enyoutube channel.
And the third one that is no less important is "Musirili Make Up", I follow it a long time ago but now that I'm on a diet and a training plan I read it more, it's an example of how to lose those extra little kills.
How did you decide what theme your blog was going to be?
I told you before, because it was my hobby.
What is your most read post?
The most read post is the raffle for the first anniversary of the blog.
Why do you think this post has been the most read?
Because we love draws, hahahaha
What advice would you give someone who has just started?
That he/she is herself and that even if they arrive, the criticisms are never seen And finally I want to say thank you to Melyssa for this opportunity, a great way to give us to meet your followers, luck with the new section.

What did you think Enca?