What you should not give in Valentine's Day

Hello girls!
Today I bring you a list for both boys and girls of what we should not give away in Valentine's Day , unless you would not want to continue with that person. That is, if you want to get the gift right then I recommend you to see>> The best gifts for Cheap Valentines .
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Gifts that we should not give away on Valentine's Day:

1. Do not give them a anti-wrinkle cream , are you calling them old? We're going wrong.

2. If you do not know your style or size well do not give them clothes because you will not use them, eg orange jacket butanoejem ...
3. Do not give away pots, towels. .. for another day, but Valentine's Day save it.
4. The chocolates are very typical, so nice to understand that you did not curry anything or that you did not have anything and bought it at the last minute.
5. If you go to give flowers make sure that your partner is not allergic to see if they are going to go out the window, and if they are the best avoids the yellow ones.
6. Do not give away money with a note of ¡Buy something beautiful! If you probably buy a plane ticket but not to see it more.
7 Underwear , if you know your taste well ahead! but if you're going to give grandma's underwear @ better or try it.
8. Some socks , is that a gift?
9. Do not give weights, exercise machines ... you may think you are calling it fat @.
10. If you are going to give chocolate ... make sure your partner is not on a diet.
11. Romantic dinner at your parents' house Ahem, you can see it better by registering in.
12. Give away pets , which we like animals do not matter to us. Proof of this is that for me the best gift is and always has been my dog ​​Xandy but if you do not like animals very much, do not expect them to react as in the movies, but think about spending and "lost" time for people who do not like them. They love animals.
13. A pack with deodorants Are you saying that it smells bad? Better not.

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What do you think of these NO gifts for Valentine ? Kisses